The Making of Star Trek: The Motion Picture

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Das Buch The Making of Star Trek: The Motion Picture beschäftigt sich mit der Entstehung des Films Star Trek: Der Film.


Vom Umschlagtext:

The Motion Picture That Was Made Because Millions of People Demanded It! This is the full, exhilarating story of a journey as exciting – and as grueling – as any the Starship Enterprise has ever taken – from the birth of Gene Roddenberry's great idea to the completion of a great movie… a journey that carried cast, crew and hundreds of behind-the-scenes people as far as imagination, skill and the latest special optical effects technology could take them. This is how it happened – the unexpected problems, the setbacks, the daily struggles and victories – from the reunion of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, Chekov, and the rest of the crew to the final moments of triumph in… The Making of Star Trek The Motion Picture.


  • Acknowledgments (Seite vii-x)
  • Preface by Susan Sackett (Seite xi-xiv)
  • Introduction by Gene Roddenberry (Seite xv-xvii)
  1. Bon Voyage (Seite 1-7)
  2. The Resurrection (Seite 8-22)
  3. Sub-Warp Speed (Seite 23-33)
  4. The Almost (Again) Television Show (Seite 34-49)
  5. Déjà Vu (Seite 50-56)
  6. The Script's The Thing (Seite 57-71)
  7. Robert Wise (Seite 72-82)
  8. Arts Gratia Artis (Seite 83-95)
  9. Camelot Revisited (Seite 96-110)
  10. The Rest of the Knights (Seite 111-121)
  11. Spray-and-Wear Clothing (Seite 122-133)
  12. Put On an Alien Face (Seite 134-142)
  13. Property of Star Trek (Seite 143-148)
  14. Take My Advice… (Seite 149-158)
  15. It's Not All Done With Mirrors (Seite 159-171)
  16. Welcome to Vulcan; Pleae Don't Feed the Bears (Seite 172-177)
  17. All Hands in Deck (Seite 178-190)
  18. It's a Wrap (Seite 191-195)
  19. After the Trek Is Over (Seite 196-201)
  20. Optical Optimism (Seite 202-212)
  21. Keep On Trekkin' (Seite 213-216)
  • Credits (Seite 217-221)